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2D/3D Holograms

It contains several optical layers with 2D hologram images visually placed one behind another resulting in a 3D effect because each layer has different distance to our eyes with visual depth. Such Images usually consists of thin lines that can be seen at large angles of diffraction. Virtually any existing design or logo can be made into a 2D / 3D hologram with depth and parallax. We can work with you to create 2D/3D artwork by several type software, and also can break your existing artwork into color separations and layers which contain 2-4 layers and up to 6 colors.

Switch Effect :Superposition of different Images seen at different angles in the same place of the Holograms. Various micro-&-nano texts cause incorporated into the Hologram design with letter sizes as small as 1 micron.

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Dot Matrix Holograms

Dot matrix hologram as the name implies, a hologram created from an array of smaller units(dots). Each dot is actually a separate hologram that produces a predetermined result, usually a simple diffraction grating.when illuminated with a white light source and vewed at the correct angle, the diffration grating produces a tiny spot of color. The microscope gratings can be arranged to produce a single coposite picture, a sequence of related images, and for a variety of "special effects". Dot matrix hologram are exfremely eye-catching.They are bright and colorful even under fluo rescent lighting

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EBEAM Holograms

An e-beam technology is based on synthesizing of micro relief with specified parameters by electronic beam, which can be focused in a spot with a few nanometer sizes. Calculation of micro relief parameters by synthesizing of image in optical range makes the e-beam technology as a purely digital task.

Security features of holograms:- High-resolution line patterns, Switch effect, Kinematic images, Concealed images, True color images, Micro-texts (25-150 micron), Nano-texts (~ 5 micron), CLR images (including dynamic and multilevel) to be controlled by special laser device, Images recorded by special shape pixels.

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