Security Hologram

Sheet Form Hologram

The holograms are supplied in sheet form suitable for manual application. Each Sheet is serially numbered for proper accountability of the holograms. There is no gap required between two hologram for square hologram with sharp edge corners, but a gap of 3 mm is required for circular and rounded corner holograms.

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Spool Form Hologram

The holograms are supplied in spool form with a gap of minimum 2.5-3 mm between two holograms. These holograms can be applied both manually and automatically using automatic dispensing machine.

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Holographic Strip

Holographic Strip : Holographic Strip is another innovative product coming out of BHI primacies. According to the requirement of our esteemed clients, Holographic Strip can be provided in general pattern designs as well as custom made designs. The Holographic Strip are available in both variants

Tapes are provided in rolls, generally the length of the roll is 50 mtrs. These roll can be provided up to the width of 10 inches and length can go up to 2000 mtrs. These tapes can be used to seal the cartons and seal the packets. Tamper Evident Holographic Tapes are the best solutions for the Exporters who use to export their products in cartons and Exporters who has highly valuable or confidential products. The tamper-evident tapes will easily reveal that the cartons or boxes are tampered upon.

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Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil is available in bright colours, shades & designs. Using holographic hot stamping foil one can decorate & develop new, innovative, attractive and secured packaging or can include it as a security measure.

Holographic can be customized according to requirement with eye mark to hot stamp the individual hologram (image) at exact place. Suitable for wine case, cigarette case and all kinds of hot stamping of label and pattern which can improve the hot-stamping decoration grade and has the most advanced anti-counterfeit function.

Pattern can be chosen from our stock images for hot stamping foils. Hot stamping technology and equipments are as same to transfer the impression as common hot stamping foil and don't need any replacement. Suitable for greeting cards, wedding cards and for all kinds of paper and plastic boxes.

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Holographic Aluminium Foil

The holographic impressions are transferred on aluminum foil which can be widely used specially in pharma packaging. The existing aluminum foil is replaced by holographic aluminum foil and can be overprinted as the customer requirement. Holographic Aluminum foil provides extra level of security because of presence of optical security features.

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Holographic Wads

The holographic image is laminated with Aluminum foil and later coated with wax and LDPE for making hologram induction sealing wads. The hologram induction sealing wads can be used like normal wads, but provide that extra security.

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Holographic Shrink Sleeves

A revolutionary concept in the world of shrink sleeves. One can combine holographic security to shrink sleeve. Shrink Sleeve with Hologram (or Holographic Shrink Sleeve) can be produced in roll or in pre form with option like temper evident, perforation as demanded by client for security and convenience of their product. This suits the convenience and economy of manufacturers.

There are to types:- Pre-Form & Roll Form.This solution suits best to mineral water bottle, liquor, pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic items etc.

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Holographic Lables

Holographic labels can provide both aesthetic looks and security in a single label. Bajaj Holographics can provide very cost effective solutions to easily allow users to incorporate a variety of information and security features (UV ink, magnetic inks, inkjet numbering etc) in the holographic label.

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Transparent Laminate Holographic Film

This is see-through hologram, made of transparent PET or BOPP material and has special coating with high reflective index (HRI). It can be used for lamination purposes and as a transparent and aattractive part of secured packaging.

Its features are:- A highly durable, transparent hologram of bank-card quality is applied to the entire card surface. The hologram provides the reproduction of three-dimensional images or "deeper" expressions. When overlapped with graphics printed on the plastic which can be seen through, the hologram creates quite new designs. The manufacture of all-over transparent hologram cards requires much more advanced technology than conventional cards which contain a hologram image in a portion of the surface. This means more powerful counterfeit protection.

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Holographic Pouch

Holographic film is attractive by look and thus creates a positive impact in presentation and decoration. It solves the purpose of both attractive and secured packaging. This is ideal for flexible packaging. Custom pattern can be made as per requirements.

Film Types are : Holographic Transparent, Holographic Metalized & Holographic Partial Metalized. Its applications are : Pouches, Lamination with Paper & Board, Carry Bags, Gift Wrappers & Adhesive Tape.

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Holographic Wide Web Film

Holographic wide web film (upto 40 inches) is intended for packaging industry. We can supply holographic wide web film in both PET (minimum thickness 12 microns) and BOPP (minimum thickness 19 microns).

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Holographic Tear Tape

Instead of hologram in label form one can take it in tape form to use it to seal a packet or container and to reduce time consumption for bulk quantity. Just as a normal self adhesive tape one can use holographic tape also for their packaging needs.

Its applications are:- For both security packaging and promotional purpose holographic tape can be used. Every product where normal self-adhesive BOPP tape is used, holographic tape can be used in the same way. The tear tape made by Bajaj Holographics are widely applicable to the packaging of cigarettes, cards, food, medicines, stationery, audio-visual products etc. According to the demand of the market, it has three major categories.

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